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2005 KX125 Tear Down

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I have an '05 KX125 that we are going to take down to the frame and have powder coated. We're also going to do a new crank, port and polish, replate cylinder and maybe shave the head a touch. My question is what order do I go in or do I just start tearing it apart? I've learned a few things when taking parts off (for example take the front brake off before removing forks) but is there anything I should know? I have a repair manual that tells how to remove things but in a situation like this what order?

Oh and anything else while it's torn down? It has a new pipe, I'm putting on VForce reed cage, top end less than a couple hours, rebuilding the brakes (brake kits, new cables and maybe new rotor in front). Clutch is fairly new and I'll check on grooved basket.

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Just be careful the bike doesn't teeter off the stand. so if you remove the front end, you need to block up the rear or it will fall back. vice-versa

Send the frame out asap.

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if its going to be apart for any length of time, invest in plastic baggies and a permanent marker. start with the plastics and work your way down. youll have to remove the rads to gain access to the upper stay mount bolts. at least on my 250 you have to. pull the swing arm bolt out than pull the ramaining engine bolts and pull the motor. drain all fluids first and formost. you can pull the swingarm, rear shock and brake all as a unit. as well as the front end. just pull the handle bar off, take the upper tripple tree off, remove the nut and the whole front comes off. replace or grease everything while its apart. its all pretty simple. really dont have to remove the wheels till you need to.:bonk:

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When I am doin a full teardown, I tend to loosen all the major nuts before I start pulling things off.


Engine mounts

Engine cradle bolts

Rear Axle nut

Front Axle nut

Shock bolts

Linkage bolts

I have made the mistake of pulling the wheels off and having the bike on the stand which makes it much more difficult to loosen up these bolts. Since I am a small guy at 5' 6", I try to get the help of a friend to help me loosen the large torqued bolts that tend to spin and require another wrench on the other side. I just get everything loose and typically leave a rolling chassis. I lean towards putting the engine back in before I take off the wheel sets, even if it takes more time because it's much easier with the engine in the cradle IMO...but again I am a small guy:)

Before I torque all the bolts to spec, I have everything in place and actually stand on the bike and push it through the stroke. That way, everything naturally settles where it wants to. I picked up that tip from a suspension video and it seems to work well. Everything seems to settle nicely which in theory, reduces vibration and binding. It seems to work. It just maybe a placebo effect but it makes me feel like everything gets 'seated' properly.

..and use a properly calibrated torque wrench and follow the specs:thumbsup:

Hope this all makes sense since it was a quick write up:)

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also...take a piece of duct tape( i have some in white), and make a list of all the major things u need to do before u ride or jump the thing.



torque axles

torque front and rear suspension

torque spokes


clean carb

oiled filter

u get the picture:)

trust me...it helps :bonk:

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