delo 400 in my 600

i buy this stuff by the case and i've heard of guys using it in their RFSs and CRFs and i'm tired of running to the shop every time i want to change the oil.

good idea? bad idea? what?


That's what I've mostly been using in my bikes forever and day without any issues and I'm far from the only person using it in a motorcycle application. There are better oils that will last longer for extended drain intervals, but the Delo 15W-40 has performed well for me during the short drain intervals I use, which are typically every 300 to 500 miles, but most of the time it's within 300 miles. My wear numbers are always in check and wouldn't get much better with a synthetic, but I'm sure they could be a lot worse with some oils. For me, Delo is a good cost effective choice and is as good or better than some motorcycle specific oils.

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