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Red fenders for street legal kit

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I just bought the tusk street legal kit and now I need to find a rear mx fender for the under tail light. Ive read a lot of post on fenders but still cant find what im looking for. My question is whats a good rear mx fender for a reasonable price, I fill $60 seems steep to me. Also i figure i would put a new front fender on too. Im thinking of putting on a crf fender but Ive read of them rubbing and you have to modify it also. "which isnt a big deal". But, lets say if I got a mx maier or acerbis rear fender and a crf fender would the red colors be the same? or close? If you have any pics of red rear fenders with under tail light or front and rear combination please post so i can have a visual on what i need to do.


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Honda used two different reds thru the years, plus two white on the XRs. The Maier orange is a very close match for the Honda Flash red.

Your frame should have a color code sticker behind the left side panel, here are some of the common XR codes.

B106 (blue?)

NH1 black

NH138 Shasta White

NH146M Accurate silver metallic

NH196 Ross (rinden) white

R119 Flash (lightning) red

R23 Tahitian red (early XRs)

For more Honda color codes http://www.vsource.org/VFR-RVF_files/BHondaPaintCodes.htm

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