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pipe and silencer question

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Hello, I currently have 2 fmf pipes for my 99 ox 125, both have major dents. I am going to buy new and was wondering what you guys think. I could buy a new gold series which is what I have now and have been happy with. I currently am using an fmf shorty silencer that is in good shape. I have seen bills pipe sets on ebay brand new pipe and silencer for about 60 or 70 bucks less than the fmf pipe only.

Is the bills lower quality? Or is the fmf that much better? I hope to be ordering soon,any and all advice is appreciated.

Also, the reason I am replacing and not repairing is that I am going to take the two current fmf pipes and make them into a good woods pipe since there really aren't any available for a 125. We did this for my buddies IT175, and it worked out awesome.

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