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im looking for a fuel check needle for a edelbrock quicksilver 2 pumper carb for a wr 400 and an tuning help would be great. thank you.

You don't have the original FCR for that bike, do you?

Don't mean to be a smartass but you'd be much better off tossing that carb and picking up a used original carb off eBay.

Sorry, I know that doesn't help you much.

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Heres a link on tuning and setup info.. http://www.edelbrock.com/automotive_new/misc/tech_center/install/off-road_carbs/Off-Road_install.pdf

Unfortunately they quit making them so parts are becoming hard to come by..

It was a great carb depending on the type of riding you do.. some hated it some loved it..

I have one on my old 95 xr650L and love it.. I have not had to do a thing to it in many many years..

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