Big Bore

<font color="navy">Does anyone know where and if there is an aftermarket big bore kit for the YZ426? I'm not interested in boring or resleeving my cylinder; I'd like to find a complete big bore kit. Thanx



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Now I know I'm getting old. I can't imagine wanting any more power than I already have!!

Also try



What the heck you you need MORE POWER from a 426cc four stroker for?!?!?!?!?! Oh, to keep up with the KTM 520's! :D

Just Kidding!

Wow though...bigger than it is...whew. Doug Henry, eat your heart out, eh? :D


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<font color="navy">You can never have enough power :) If you think the 426 has gobs of power, try a CR500 before they're gone. FYI they've stopped production of the CR500 for 2002.

Has anyone played with a Wiseco 13.5 : 1 compression ratio piston (stock displacement)? I understand you're suppossed to run 50:50 race fuel/premium. Is there a big difference from stock?

Thanx for your replies



Hick from here did the 450 kit to his bike and last I heard from him, he really liked it. You might do a search on this since he has posted about it here a while back...


hey try sell a 450 kit and some other goodies,heck they'll even do all the work.

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