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1985 cr500 cdi unit

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i rewired a late 80's cr125 and another late 80's cr250 ignition to my 1985 cr500 motor. both looked identical with the same wire placement and color codes. i used the magneto diaghram from a 1984/85 cr250/500 and the cdi diaghram from 1986-87 cr250/500 in the clymer book. i assume my motor came with a cr500 magneto/flywheel since all the wires were correct according to my clymer manual. as long as you wire it correct i dont see why it wouldnt work, the ignition maps are different and it might have a different redline but it will fire and run.

you may have to wire the blue wire comming out of the cdi box to the white wire as they are both stator pickups to achieve higher rpm's. i forget if i did that or not.

fyi ** the clymer diaghram for the cdi part said that b/y (a black wire with yellow stripe) was y/b (a yellow wire with black stripe)..... i feel it was incorrect and opposite

im going to upgrade to a newer 2002+ ignition set up soon since its reasonably priced and a nice upgrade.

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