need some help regarding tube walking in the wheel/tire

I have replaced my front tube now about 5 times and I am completely baffled as to what is causing this.

Excel rim, 21" rim strip, Maxxis IT front tire, Trackside heavy duty rim lock (new), tube inflated to 12.5. I ride strictly MX. This is a fresh tube properly lined up prior to a 2-3 hour moto session. The wheel was excessively cleaned prior to installation.

I am wondering if maybe the notches that the tire bead sits on needs to be roughed up or hit with a dremel. The rim itself is from an '08 bike. The previous tire, a M403 never slipped. The bead is good on the Maxxis tire.


Rim locks hold the tire, not the tube. If you don't powder your inner tubes, start doing so with any sort of talcum powder (baby powder, foot powder, gold bond).

Then get rid of the Maxxis, or run it at 14 psi or more. The tire is what's causing this.

I use baby powder on the tube. I will try the higher tire pressure. Thanks. Is Maxxis not a good brand? I was told by an MX guy at a shop that this tire was ideal for intermediate mx tracks. I hate to waste another 60 bucks on a tire that shows little wear.

If you ride it more than twice, it will show quite a bit of wear. The Maxxis IT front is not a very good tire, no.

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