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Drz wouldn't start, HELP!

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Ok, so I took the dizzer on a grocery run. when I went to ride home it WOULD NOT kick over. it has previously started on the first or second kick when warm. when I tried to start it today it felt like it didn't have very good compression and wasn't even trying to start. it didn't have as little compression as when i hold the decomp lever, but usually it is HARD to kick over. eventually it started and ran as per usual.

when i got home i killed it and started it again. first kick three times in a row. didn't matter if i stalled it or used the kill switch. started fine.

Can anyone say what this might be? I'm thinking a loose electrical connection somewhere...

I pulled the head cover and inspected the top, and everything *looked* fine. should have checked valve clearances, but alas....

As a side note, the plug looked black but dry. Can anyone give me the jetting for a 2002 E model (pre MX FCR) at 7000ft elevation? all I've seen is at lower elevation...


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It starts and runs fine now, right?

My explanation is a piece of carbon under 1 of the 4 valves temporarily reduced the compression. This is only a theory hard to prove. I have had the same thing happen to me a couple of times. Drives you crazy when it will not start, then finally does and runs perfect. Probably happens to multi cylinder motors too but 1 temporary missing cylinder with 2 or more, you never know it.

Jetting (assuming the snorkel is out and stock exhaust)

45 pilot (stock)

fuel screw 1.5 to 2 turns

OBDXP needle (stock) clip 4 or 5 (4 is stock) (from the top)

Main jet - Not really sure for 7000 feet. I'd stay with the 142 (stock) and evaluate from there. Should be pretty close.

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Thanks, Noble, I hadn't thought of a chunk o' de carbon. That makes a lot of sense now that i think about it. I doubt it could have ingested anything bug enough to do that, but if it's rich perhaps there was some buildup. I'll look into the carb while I have it apart and it's warm (unseasonally mid 50's while it was teens a week ago...)

looks like i wont be riding suzi for a while though...:bonk:

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