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ktm sx 250 ignition trouble

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I have a 2009 ktm sx 250. It had starting issues, you realy needed to be violent with kickstarter and eventhough it started very bad(10 kicks). If you checked the spark it was very poor. I tryed with new spark plugs too. Than bike stopped working after some time. There was no spark left so I checked all connectors and kill switch. Than I started asking around what is wrong, guys said 99% cdi broke. I bought new cdi and guess what, no spark.

What has to be checked:stator, pick up, ignition coil.

So I woul be really gratefoul if someone could measure the stator and pick up resistance(could be done on the connector- has 4 plugs,2 stator,2 pick up).

I measured the resistance on the connector:

pink-pink/black 13 ohm

green-red 97 ohm

And ignition coil 0,5 ohm

Sorry for bad grammar, I'm from europe.


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Yes, other things are in good shape. Piston is new, engine was renewed(gaskets,some gears,oil...).

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