FCR41 or edelbrock carb for my 650r?

Which is a better carb for my xr650r? I am looking to upgrade and these are the choices I have come to and was wondering if anyone here has any experience with either carb.

Do a little search in the archives and you will find that this topic has been ridden over by 248 XR650's at high speed with Terraflex tires and 400lb riders....overwhelmingly the Edelbrock wins out. FCR41 is used by some Brit motarders with success - and for sure some body that bought the FCR will chime up and defend the thing but on both the Yahoo and TT forums the vast majority go with the Edelbrock for many many reasons. Archives have good info. Try www.barnumspro.com if ya wanna buy one.


I've got an Eddy on mine... love it!

Customer service is great whether talking to Chris at Eddy... or Rob at Barnums.

Can't go wrong in my book.

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