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2004 625 SXC starter issue

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Hey hey. got this bike in '04 with 50 miles on it and it started with no problems. In '05 it sounded like the starter was dying. The only way I could get the starter to turn over the motor was by pressing in the decompression lever and letting it out while cranking at the right moment to turn it over. That killed my batteries. Shes my daily commuter in L.A. traffic. Here I am now with 20k miles on the bike and the same problem. I've been through numerous YUASA batts(tried bigger), had the starter rebuilt, (they said it was good) and still have to use the decompression lever to start. Its horrible when its cold a little easier when hot or hooked up to a 300 CCA charger/starter but still stops on the compression stoke!!!

Does anyone out there have a similar problem with an LC4??? Is the problem in the motor?? before I piss away $300 on a starter from KTM.

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