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CR250 head. salvagable?

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i have this weired cr250 2001 head that says KZ3-P on it. somehow down the line, previous owners had machined 2 gasket grooves to be used with o-rings instead of the metal gasket.

it also has a small slice ship right near the head bracket.

is this salvagable? is this worth EGs mods?

id just want to make good out of what is left on this head, if any. :bonk:



the slice ship im talking about.


here i tried to push it back in position


heres the underside of the head.


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like i said i wantedthe most of whats left 'of this head. maybe a reshape on the squish and lapping flat the gasket surface.

i also dont liek the idea of throwing stuff away. its hurts alot. its like throwing food even though you can stuff it in the fridge and might make good of it later with new recipe.

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