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Honda 300ex charging problem

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ok i have an 06 300ex and it dont seem to want to charged when im riding it it started last year when i was riding i shut it off for a few when i went to start it it just clicked so i replaced the battery ran good for a while then same thing so i replaced the stator i havent rode it much since but it seemed to run fine that day then couple days later i went to start it and click so i order a regulator i put it on tonite (12-30-2011) i rode it a little bit and i was adjusting the lights that i put on end shut it off and tried to start it and it tried to turn over then click. the stator i put in said it is a lighting stator and the regulator is suppose to exceed oem standards. i checked the voltage at the battery idling with out lights was 12.5-12.8 when i turn on oem light it drops to low 12 high 11s and when i turn on the other lights on it drops fast and keeps droping. does the wheeler not charge while idling?? when i rev it up it goes to 14ish volts. do i need to ride it for a while and see how it acts or should i charge my battery overnight and check and see if its good?? the add ons i have are hmf muffler jet kit a monster coil stage 3 cdi and the stator and reg i dont know if any of those electrical parts could cause this any help would be nice sorry post is so long

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