Rear wheel bearing numbers?

G'day fellow Thumper Talkers,

I am from the WR side but I ride a blue thumper so I hope you can help. After nearly 3500km's, my rear wheel bearings are beginning to wear. I priced "genuine" yamaha bearings and it totals Aus$114!!! :)

I plan to buy the bearings from a bearing supply but need the code stamped on the side of the bearing housing. I don't have access to my bike because it is stored two hours away from where I live and my manual is with the bike. I wanted to replace the bearings for this weekends ride but it is impossible for me to get the numbers before then.

If anyone has the an old set of bearings lying out in the shed or access to their manual, please check the number for me.


Grum. :D

Grum, you can try a supply company (I did for my KDZ and KLX)but I had no luck with the YZ. A good riding buddy of mine has worked at one for over 15 years and rides a YZ250F. Due to the size of the YZ bearings he would have to get them from Japan at a cost that's more than Yamaha.

I got mine from Pivot works through Parts Unlimited. Looks like MXSouth has the whole kit for $30. That's bearing and seals. Not a bad deal. They also have swing arm and linkage kits cheap too.



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