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Valve check after SS Install

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I checked my valves for the 2nd time after getting my head done locally with SS valves. Bike has done approx 1000kms since last check.


0.15mm Right Intake

0.13mm Left intake (tight) Manual says 0.16mm +- .003mm

0.32mm Left Exhaust

0.32mm Right Exhaust

Not sure why my exhaust valves are out. Honda manual says 0.28mm +- .03mm Which would suggest I am over!

Should I reshim? I will need to do my left intake as it is borderline but I am thinking I will leave it for another 500 kms or so.

What are the side of effects if any of excessive exhaust valve clearance?

Bike runs well starts first kick usually.

Thanks for looking.

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ok so I will leave the exhausts and reshim the left intake to get back to spec. Is the hot cams the best kit?

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