NEEDED; Crankshaft, main bearing, piston/rings..


Hey all...

Long time no talk.

I haven't been on here (XR650R.NET) in some time... since I've been working on

making my Bomb DS650 Quad... the bomb Baja ride. :)

Here's what I got. Or don't have... If you'all remember, I was

burning oil in my bike. A quart or so every 200+ miles. Not good

obviously. I was hoping it was just some blow by... and I needed

rings. NOT!

A friendly mechanic took my bike apart this last weekend. He let me

know the bad news. He said the crankshaft looked pretty hammered. And

that he'd need to replace it. Also... that my piston and rings mic'd

to be pretty good, but that we will replace those as well. Along with

the normal things like clip, pin, main bearings... etc. Obviously

using normal as... in my case, not a 'normal' case. :D

Some of you may remember... I used ATF in my crankcase. I know, I

know... call me dumb. Stupid a*s is more like it. But coming from a 2

stroke life... ATF works wonders on the clutch. My first four

stroke... this XR... can you tell it was a learning experience?!

ANYONE... And I mean ANYONE have any leads on crankshafts?!?!

My buddies brother works at American Honda in Torrance, CA... but

it's not something he's too interested in getting for me. They've

already got enought to worry about between their two bikes. SO, it

looks like I'm going retail. I get a pretty good discount at the

local shop... Cost plus 20%. So I can't complain too much... BUT

DOES ANYONE... have a "DEAL" I can't pass up ... or know where I

should be looking before I order the parts?!?!

Help! :D

And thanks,


Get a Carrillo. Talk to Rob at

-- he has done several 650 cranks lately and may well have a good option for you. Unfortunately the stock cranks are not rebuildable.

Dont forget about the B Designs 715 piston option!

Add a stage 2 cam and you got da Mother of all BRPs.

If i was you i would just call Rob and simply chit chat with him about your options. He is a good go to guy for info in situations like yours!

ATF? Ouch....

You gonna race that quad in the 1000?

Cool.. thanks... I'll call Rob. They've already been great help (when I went to the Edelbrock).

I'm not sure if I want to boost her up too much... ya know running Pemex at 81 claimed octane isn't the best for a 'higher' performanced machine. Stock may be best for my area of riding. But again... I'll check with Rob on that too. Might as well.

The quad... Baja? Heck no. I want it to last! :) I ride it in Baja... and most of our treks are up or down parts of the course. In the last month I rode it twice to Mike's Sky Ranch. (mostly since the XR is down and out). It rides nice. Realllly nice. Plus I just wait for it to get dark. Almost like I dare it to. The lighting makes night runs a blast!

Again, thanks for the heads up!!

Service honda sells parts for the xr650. They are way below retail price and have always delivered my orders about as fast as I can hang up the phone. I will post a link to it for you.

Awesome... THANKS Zeke!!!

It's what I've been finding from some others on the XR650R forum. Such a difference over dealer! Amazing.

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