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XR80- help with mods

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Hi all! I got an '02 XR80 for my Gf. I have a few mods in mind, but I've never worked with an XR80/100 before. So i'd like to run the the mods past somebody who has done them.

The bike doesn't have a ton of hours on it-- but the rear linkage has play already. I know that this bike uses bushings rather than bearings. Pivot Works offers a kit with roller bearings for this bike. Has anybody ever tried it? I'm a freak about play in the linkage on a bike. Did this alleviate the play?

I'm thinking about a used XR/CRF100 carb, along with a pipe. Is there much gain in power with this setup? What should I set the jetting at? I'm at sea level. I was going to pull the snorkel from the air box, and run a UNI filter with it.

I'm thinking a Works shock- non res, and resprung XR100 fork legs. I'd like to get six inches of travel out of the rear to match the XR100 front. Will the Works do this? ---L*64

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The swingarm on a 100 is longer than the 80. The frame has extenders at the end of the seat rails on a 100 and a longer seat.

The works shock will work far better than a stocker but you gain control not really travel.

The rebound seems to go away fairly quickly on a stock shock.

The carb may make for some more top end put I think the pipe specs out the same.

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