Problem Jumping

I got my YZ426F last week end :) The bike is great, lots of power, man it's easy to wheelie and handles great.

I am new to the sport of motocross (used to do EnduroCross, this track is about 7km long with smaller high speed jumps. The MX track is located in the middle of the 7km loop) I am doing alright on the jumps but something bothers me, the first big jump I took I nearly came down hard,

as soon as I was in the air the bike started to drop away from me (rear wheel) and I ended up landing with no feet on the pegs !

In an attempt to solve this problem , just before I jump clench the bike between my legs

and while in the air I give the throttle One or two blips just to keep the front wheel up.

Is this normal, am I supposed to clench the bike when I jump or am I just doing something wrong ?

Does someone have any pointers for a new jumper? I am not scared to go big, I'm already going bigger and further than most of the other guys and last weekend was my first time on an MX track!

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If you are coming off a two stroke, you will need to apply more throttle on the takeoff ramp to prevent nosedive and endo.

The jump is probably is a little too abrupt (too steep and probably too short too) for your riding right now. When you go off a jump like that you need a lot of throttle (at the last moment) to keep the back wheel from rebounding and popping you in the ass with the seat (sending you into the position you described). It takes most people a year or two to get it all down right.

You should be squeezing the bike with your knees all the time. This helps you control the bike under you.

You have to be careful with the gas while lifting off. Hard on the gas may result in a loop out. Not enough gas will result in an endo. It sounds like you are letting off the gas just a bit to soon. That causes the rear to rebound just enough to make the rear end higher than the front.

Remember, every jump is a bit different and may require a change in lift off technique (but, so do 2 strokes). Take your time learning the 426's manners and you will be really glad you got it.


I like to think of most jumps as an ARC. With the Thumper, you keep the gas on and steady till take off, then let off. The decompression breaking of the motor will bring the front end down and you then will be ready to land on the downside of the Tabletop, double jump, etc......Use the gas in the air if the front dives too much. Have the gas on when you land so any sideways twists or adjustments won't be noticed when you do land. --- Stay centered on the bike, squeeze the tank/seat area with your knees slightly, elbows up, and enjoy the ride. You'll get use to it and make fine adjustments. Many of the guys in here (including me) have been riding and racing for 20-30 years, so it's second nature. Just take your time and have fun with it. Mistakes are inevitable, so accept that they will happen. :)

The main thing is lots and lots of practice. Start with the smallest jumps you can find and move up from there. Go to a motocross track on a practice night and take it easy until you get the feel of the bike. This bike really loves to fly but there is a bit of a learning curve...

Thanx guys, think I'll try staying on the gas a bit longer, that's definitely the mistake I am making :)

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