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83 TT600 - Should I try to get it running

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I've had an '83 TT600 forever - used to ride it all the time. When I first got it, the "brain box" was intermittent, but replaced that and it ran great. However, it has not been run in approx. the last 12-15 years. I recently pulled out the carbs and took them to a shop to be cleaned/rebuilt. They told me that gasoline had eaten away the aluminum and the carbs were junk. I didn't know that gas did that to aluminum carbs, I thought you could always rebuild carbs. No? I'd like to get it running again, but I'm hesitant about: 1-will I be able to find replacement carbs, 2 - if I do find carbs, will there by a million other things wrong with it from sitting for so long? It was stored inside and from the outside looks in really good shape.

I also have a 1982 XT550 that I could use for parts. It's all in one piece and was running before I parked it too a long time ago. Maybe I can see if those carbs will fit and whether or not they're any good.

So, does anyone think I can find good, replacement carbs for the TT600? If so, does anyone think I should tackle buying them and trying to get it running again? Any info about the parts between the 1982 XT550 and the 1983 TT600 being interchangeable?

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