Taking the step from 250F to the 450F

First, let me apologize for a pretty obvious question as I am sure the jump power wise from the 250F to the 450F is substantial. I did some searching on TT and google but just wanted to get some first hand feedback from those who have made the jump from a 250F to a 450F.

I currently ride a 06' YZ250F and am in the market to buy a new bike. The 2012 YZ450F is what I would like to purchase, but am worried about the extra 20lbs and 20+ more HP. I have been riding street bikes for over 16 years, but just started riding dirt back in 06'. Never raced, but ride mostly MX type environments, with some trail riding mixed in. If I did race, I would def be C-Class.

So basically...if I take it easy and work my way into it with the 450F should I be alright? Or should I just stick with another 250F?

Thanks in advance!

i had one of each for years. when it came down to racing i like the 250f better because it dident beat me up that much(im only 145lbs) but just trail riding and going to practice tracks and stuff i loved the 450.

sounds like you have plenty of riding experince. i think you would love the 450:thumbsup:

You will be more than fine with a 4fif, They have good power, but not too much, definitely controllable. I know the first time riding my bike, I was stoked on how it had that bark. I could get out of stuff on my 450 that felt too sketchy on my old bike.

Soon you'll be asking if theres any way to get a little more out of the bike.

I just made the switch this fall and love it. I am old and slow and I like the fact that you don't have to have the bike in the high rev's like you do the 250 and you are still doing work!

Don't be afraid....commit to a 450. You wil be fine and will learn the benefits of the added ump that the 450 has.

Change is good. The weight and increased turning effort will take a little getting used to. But that power will make you smile and smile and smile.

Also depends on your riding style and fitness level. The 250F will feel "slow" 85% of the time in comparison but you may be going quicker and for longer if on a stop-watch.

Ask yourself what you want out of this and be realistic. At the end of the ride there's always the option to sell the 450 at a loss and go back to a 250F (look at the 2011 and newer KX250F, wow!).

My first dirt bike is my YZ400F, and it was previously owned by a racer - performance and suspension mods.

It's a lot of work to wrestle it around (I'm sure mine is heavier than yours but I'm not a small guy) but as I am coming from liter bikes on the street, the power is a non-issue and easily controllable - and handy when you can use it. It's not like some wild beast that wants to buck you off!! :smirk:


Thanks for the feedback everyone, I really appreciate it! Makes the decision process that much easier when it is time to plunk down the money. Going to the bike show at the end of the month, so will check out all of the 450's. But have always been Yamaha loyal, so will prob sway towards the YZ.

Thanks again!

Hey - what do you weigh, and do you ever feel like the 250 isn't quite enough?


I am about 175Lbs, and there have been times where I came up short on some jumps and think if I had a little more power I could have made it. Although, I am sure if I was a better rider, and got better drive I could have made them on the 250F. And other instances where I was tapped out in 3rd or 4th wishing I did not have to dance on the shifter to keep things going. Again, that could just be a playing around with gearing issue.

So yeah...I guess I am just lazy. lol

Not fat like me, so yeah you could 'get by' with the 250 but I was thinking more about how much you'd be able to wrestle this bigger, heavier bike underneath you. You should be fine.

.. and if your username reflects your street bike experience, you know how to handle the extra power.


I made the switch from a 2005 yz250f to a 2008 yz450f this past spring. The change was great. The bike itself, felt just as light as the 05 when riding, so I was never fatigued from weight. The extra power was a big bonus. I went from hitting jumps in 4th to hitting the same jump in 3rd on the 450. Another bonus is I shift a lot less. Most tracks I read, I'm running 2nd and 3rd gear most of the time. You'll be very happy with the 450.

im 6'1 215 lbs. in december 09 i switched from a 07 yz250f with hc piston, port nd polish, exhaust, suspension, ect. i jumped on my 10 yz450f nd actually went all summer in 10 on both bikes. baad idea. id race the 450 first, then pit nd immediately jump on the 250, i wanted to die! haha. i eventually just commited to the 450 and just rode the 250 for fun. its been sold now. but i do wish i still had a 250f for tight indoor races, or the local track when its really dry/hard packed. but i have a the gytr tuner, it helps. and ive gotten alot more throttle control since commiting to the 450. my friends often r amazed at how i can keep up with them on the track when it sounds like im always rolling the throttle on so slow, they say it sounds like im goin so slow, until i pass them :smirk: but for your question, you definately adapt, i did and i dont think id ever go back.

I actually switched from my 07 kx450 to an 08yz250f and I love it you guys might think im crazy but I feel like im learning a ton more on the track with the 250 it sharpens all my skills cornering,braking,accelerating, body position and I feel like I can actually use all the power the bike can offer. Plus its super nimble and nice in really rutted corners but the 450 was awesome for wide open trails hillclimbs and screwing around it was nice having all that power but im content with my 250 and there is a lot of skill to learn before I ever get tired of it.

I have both a 10 yz 250f and a 08 yz 450f. I personally like my 250f more because its light and I can throw it around more. I can go hotter into corners. The only problem is coming out of corners is a harder because you dont have that snappy power of the 450. Not saying I dont like my 450 either but on tight tracks the 450 is no fun. My 450 has tons of power and it only has hotcams and a powerbomb header.

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