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1997 DR350 fuel cap

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So my newly-acquired '97 DR350 SE needs a new fuel cap to replace its old lockable one (whose key was lost, and who was effectively destroyed in the process of its removal from the gas tank the other day)...

I had no idea going into this, but from what I can piece together, it might actually be easier to find a used replacement gas cap for a 1952 Gutbrod Superior! I can't seem to find any sort of aftermarket cap available that fits, and, yeah, I really am a cheap schmoe who does have a problem paying $90 for a cap at the dealer (or at bikebandit). So... Questions:

Anyone out there have a decent used one that's lying around, which'll fit on my '97 and not cost more than a dinner/movie date?


Anyone guide me to a mfg/part number/source for a workable aftermarket cap?

Thank you kindly,


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Maybe a primer on fuel tank and gas cap evolution for these models may be in order. My research on the Interwebs seems to indicate that the "dirt" model DR350 had screw-on caps with vent hose, and "street" model DR350's had vented caps with "ears" and spring-loaded pawls released by a keyed lock cylinder?

Was this the same deal with DR650's? Can the 650's tank (or corresponding cap) be fitted on my 350? What does the DR-Z400 have??

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Ay Carumba, it gets even more complex. Evidentally, there were at least two versions of fuel tank cap on the street models of DR350 over the years. After sending out the SOS post above, a friendly and very helpful guy sold me a locking cap off his S model. It's totally different in how it interfaces with the tank than my '97 SE; the tank hole flange on my bike is different and has two distinct slots into which solid "ears" of the cap fit into: one wider than the other on the opposing side (this in addition to the spring-loaded teeth which are activated inwardly by turning the key).

Looking at photos on the 'Bay, various street models (Madura, older TL's, etc) seem to have the cap I need (at least, based on the shape of the inside of the cap). Would the fact that my bike is a "California" bike be the critical difference from the other DR350 S / SE caps I've seen (which only have the movable pawls extending outwardly on the smooth "stopper" of the inner cap, no "ears" or "fins" as described above)?

All this stuff is arcane, but it makes the difference between my bike being stuck in the garage indefinitely, and riding NorCal fire roads and singletrack next week.

Thanks for the technical advice.

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