Anyone gone from KTM 2T to FI YZ450?

I have a chance to trade my 09 KTM 250XC for a '10 YZ450F. I had an 08 YZ450F and I really liked that bike. I want an 09 but I've been offered a trade for a '10. Anyone made the switch and have feedback?

you would be a fool to say no imo.

unless you dont like power and weight?

I switched from an '09 300XC to an '11 YZ450F and have no regrets. The handing is so much better it's not even funny - I really struggled with the KTM. With the Yamaha, I set the sag, and added 5cc of fork oil to assist with bottoming - that's it. The power is seamless and very managable for off-road. Don't believe everything you read on here or in magazines regarding the negatives. The faults are relatively minor and easily fixed without a lot of cash. Go for it!

I'm having almost the same debate...2012 KTM 250SX or 2012 Yamaha YZ450F

those bikes are complete oposite ends of the spectrum

how on earth did you get to a point where you were comparing them?

those bikes are complete oposite ends of the spectrum

how on earth did you get to a point where you were comparing them?

My thoughts exactly:thumbsup:

I own a 2012 KTM 250xc, I have spent a considerable amount if time on current YZ450fs, the two are nothing alike. The 450f is a monster compared to the 250/300xc. I can barely ride the 450 efficently over my 250. The power/torque is instantaneous compared to my KTM. The YZF is great for clearing a 80ft triple with a 20ft run but in anything below 2nd gear, without some serious modifications the YZF is just too much, too soon.

I guess it all depends on the type of riding the OP does and what he is hoping to accomplish.

YZFs can be found pretty cheap, why not sell the KTM and buy a YZF. That way you will still have some change left over for upgrades.

ive riden the 2010yz450. they are a great bike. suspension is just about spot on and the power is perfect. definatly not too much power, youll get used to it.

the only downset is they are a little heavy. if you can handle a ktm powerband, youll manage on a yz450.

a little heavy lol

I was down to a KTM 300 or another YZ, the 300s Ive ridden with a Rekluse are brutally effective in the tight stuff but I enjoyed the 450 more in general and I can get one alot cheaper. With a flywheel weight and a woods map the YZ makes a decent mount for me in the first gear stuff here on the coast and in the open stuff in the interior the 450's are perfect. Id love to have both. The FI YZs will hurt you though if you get tired or sloppy, especially with an aggressive map.

As others have stated they are opposite end of spectrum bikes, almost, to compare.

Depends on your riding style.

Like to carry momentum and rev a bike out a little: the 250.

Steer with the rear wheel and lug a bike more often: 450.

Oh my gosh, it goes on and on.

Base it on dealer support, too. And original purchase price. Both good bikes to choose. The 2008 and newer KTM250 XC is maaaaaybe my favorite all-around bike if price wasn't an issue.

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