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US TTR250 Imported to UK Carb Issues

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Hi All, Happy New Year,

I have a 05 TTR250 that was imported from the US. I don’t have much details as I bought it from the importer. I have a real nightmare getting the bike running here and today I finally cracked it but Im not sure why it worked.

The original bike as it came to me had a 50 pilot jet and a 137 main. It had been sitting for a while and the diaphragm had rotted and gone hard so I had replace the part and strip the carb down and give it a good clean. After the carb rebuild it ran like a dog with bogging mid throttle. I rejetted to 50/147 (European spec TTR) but the only way I can get it to run well is to have the needle clip on the top notch (max lean), which doesn’t seem right to me. The needle says 5c9c on the side and I am not sure if a non-US bike has a different needle. So I guess my question is does the US model TTR250 have a different needle to a UK version. If not, why would I need to run the needle at max lean. The bike seems standard, I noted that different to the UK bikes, my one has no restriction in the exhaust primary pipe, not sure if this makes a difference.

Many thanks for any help, Nick.

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