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dr250s...to buy or not to buy

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i found a 1992 dr250s with 3600 miles on it. it needs some work but nothing too major from what i can tell... chain, back tire, fork boots. and who knows what else. it look like a fun little project. they are trying to do a lost title on it for me. how long does this take? i live in a little dinky town and i bet it would be at the top of the pile. i have them talked down to 500 and if i can get a title i am probably going to buy it.

a few questions for you pros...

how long should it take to get the title?

what the hell is the oil res on in the frame for????

and what would you do in my shoes?

i dont need it and porbably should not blow any money on it since i have a 650, but dam it looks like fun

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Here in ny a lost title can take 90 days. Oil in frame is whats considered a "dry sump" type motor. Allows for lower oil temps, more oil capacity.

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