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89 KX125 Engine Bog off idle - Possibilities?

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My friend just called me for help. He has a 89 KX 125 and when he opens the throttle quickly form idle the engine bogs and will quit, if he rolls the throttle on slowly the engine will build up RPM's and it runs well if the RPM's are up.

He has tried cleaning the carb but no difference.

What are the possibilities?

the bike will idle fine, its just when the throttle is opened quickly

One more thing,

I went over to help him with his a/s adjustment,

I started the bike from cold and with the choke on - normal but,

after the bike warmed up and I noticed to keep the engine from hesitating with a quick blip on the throttle I could put the choke on and the engine would be much more responsive, with the choke off I could make the engine die with a quick throttle open

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sounds slightly lean by description, go up one notch on the main jet and see what happens, or play with the needle. I am assuming the carb is clean in making this statement.

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