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First Bike

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Looking at buying my first bike, and hoping for a little help in making a choice.

Definately want/need a street legal dual sport, as I want to be able to run the roads, but also want to do some trail riding as well. Chances are I will try to pick up a KTM EXC or Street legal woods edition, and get a super moto kit for town.

Any opions on other options? Would like to stay with a 450 for a motor. Yamaha WR, Suzuki DRZ, or?

Also, what kind of milage is too much on these bikes? I currently have my eye on an 07 EXC 450 with 15,000 kilometer?

Thanks in advance

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I would look into Husaberg if I were you.

I have no personal experience on one but I have heard a lot of good things about them when it comes to dual sport performance

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