yz450f Radiator flush cleaner / guards

Hey, I just put some prestone radiator cleaner in my radiator. Says its fine for aluminum radiators but I was wondering if it would be safe to use for a little while because you're supposed to run it through the radiator for 3-6 hours(in a car im guessing) on and off use is OK it says. Just wondering if it would likely overheat.

Also, which coolant to use???

Also, are the radiator guards worth buying???

I use a mix of distilled water and white vinegar to flush mine. Start it up to run it through for a minute, drain, repeat if you bought the big bottles and it came out nasty - :smirk: then flush out with just distilled water again. Then add the coolant/water mix. I'm using the orange Prestone Dex Cool because it's what I use in my street bikes with alu motors..


As long as it's not the original GM Dex-Cool or otherwise contains no 2-EHA (2-ethylhexanoic acid). That was one of inhibitors used in the original orange stuff. it worked well with hard water but is a plasticizer that can cause gasket failure. Most "Dex-Cool" replacements have removed it, but it's worth checking. The big problem was that it would turn bad if exposed to air while hot, so it had to be used only with coolant recovery systems, and not allowed to run low or with any air in the radiators.

Ok well I checked with some guys and they said that flush stuff I got is fine...

Also picked up some engine ice, how do you guys like that? anyone tried it?

I've only used it for track days, but it is supposed to do what they claim..


Engine Ice is a good product, if not a little overpriced. It's basically a premium grade propylene glycol coolant premixed 50/50 with distilled water, so you could make your own more cheaply, but it works and works well.

As far a radiator guards go, I would recommend Scorpion Racing (out of Canada) ones. The Worcs Connection ones I used seem worthless. My radiators were bent like crazy with them with only small/normal wrecks. I had Mylers straighten them, then put Scorpion ones on and haven't had any problems since. They may weigh a little more, but it is weight worth having as opposed to the Worcs Connections ones that add a little weight but do nothing to prevent damage.

oops. I was thinking of water wetter..


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