Need Help with Carb Problem

I bent the needle on the pilot screw(ZipTy Racing)and when I tried to remove it the needle broke off inside the carb. Does anybody know where I can send it to for repairs? I've disassymbled the carb and I don't see any way of removing the broken off needle because it's flush with the hole.

Buy a used FCR39 carb or body. I think that drilling and welding and retapping will not be possible in that area. Carbs are cast bodies with passages that are to delicate for repair. :)

When you say "disassembled the carb", does that include removing the float bowl? If not, with the bowl removed is

there any way to get ahold of the piece with pliers or vice grips? Can you post a picture? This could get REAL costly, REAL fast.................

Been there, done that. I just installed a new carb of my bike today. I broke the Zipty needle off in my carb, couldn't get it out, sent it to Zipty and they sent it to their "carb expert" He got the piece out but the bike never idled right again and I finally had to get a new carb. You CANNOT buy a throttle body, you have to buy the whole carb.. Yamaha price $855.00 (Pain). You might be able to get a honda crf 450 carb for quite a bit less than that and adapt it. I contacted kehin and they advised me right away that the chance of getting the piece out without damaging the carb were very small and they were right. Drilling, welding etc are out because it's not accesable. And the hole is a taper which must be perfect. I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news but that's the story, I suggest just biting the bullet and getting the new carb, it'll save you a lot of grief and you'll end up doing it anyway.. I must editorialize here though and say that ZipTy racing is really lame on this, Aluminum, especially anodized is not the right material for that part and they are partially responsible for this problem.. But by God, they got paid for their crummy part..The fuel needle is just too small for aluminum. a lot of them worked but the price of failure is high for the buyer..Any new readers who are thinking of a adjustable fuel screw should look for a brass one and save themself a lot of grief.. Big Jim "WR450F with CRF450 carb installed" :):D :D


NH_Kevin organised a thumpertalk group buy about a year ago. Works perfect and not so much either. Has a little T as per the name,is made of brass (I think anyway) and if i remember well just press on over the existing adjuster.

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