Utah Riders can thank rockymountainmc.com!!

www.rockymountainmc.com (located in Springville, Utah) recently donated $15,000 to fight the closure of prime riding area located in American Fork Canyon, Utah. They donated this money to help support a lawsuit brought by various motorcycle interests against the BLM and the Forest service. American Fork Canyon is scheduled to be closed starting January 1, 2004 to all off-road vehicles. AF is an absolutely beautiful place to ride and I have had the good fortune to have been able to ride it twice this year.

:D:) WAY UP for www.rockymountainmc.com.

Big up to Rocky Mt. Im glad I buy so much stuff from them. That 15 large probably came right out of my bank account. :D:)

Big up to Rocky Mt. Im glad I buy so much stuff from them. That 15 large probably came right out of my bank account.

You sure? It could have been mine. Think I'll drop them a note and say thanks from Colorado! :):D

That does it... I'm not buying from Chaparral anymore, I am buying from RMMC.... even though I live in CA.

Now, if Chaparral wants to kick in the pot to take on the red/green sticker issue here....


Stopping by friday. Oh and it is in Payson UT.

:) I'm not from Utah, but I'll definitely have to send some business their way.....thanks RockyMountain!! :D :D

This post needs to be shared with the rest of TT. Anyone know how to do that? :)

Im getting a nice care package from RM today. 3 of them actually. I cant wait. I love dealing with them. They are the best mail order house that I have ever dealt with. I'll have to drop them a line and tell them thanks.

They are the first place I go to for everything.

15+ orders and they were all perfect.


just dropoed them a line

Subject: Just wanted to say thanks.

I just heard that you folks made a nice size donation to help fight land closure in Utah. That's awesome. We dirt bikers can use all the help we can get to keep the trails open.

Check out this link to others that think you folks are the BOMB.


By the way I am expecting a few packages from you folks today. I can hardly wait to get home and open them. It's like Christmas in October. Your delivery of orders is always 1st rate. Thanks again.

Here is there reply

Hi Don:

Thank you very much for bringing this to our attention. We are glad to hear that our effort to keep the land open is appreciated. And we are going to continue devoting our resources to this very important cause.

Have a great day!!


Rocky Mountain

1551 W American Way

Payson, UT 84651

(800) 336-5437




Nice :)

Ive had problems with them but they seem to correct them effortlessly. :)

They are the best mail order I have used. I get their stuff within 48 hours, and thats UPS ground! Without paying tax!

I just drove 60 miles round-trip to buy a much-needed sprocket from them. Definitely worth the drive. :)

Good to see them help pitch in for the fight. Glad I purchase most of my online items from them. :D:)

This thread shows the marketing power of a tactic Patagonia and other greenie outfitters have been using for years. Give a % of sales to support the cause and you will gain loyal customers. It is easier for consumers to legitimize a purchase in their minds if part of the money spent is for a good cause. Proven fact.

Kudos to RMC - hopefully they will continue this strategy in a permanent way. As a long-time marketing consultant, I guarantee that if they do this and publicize it, they will increase their market share and sales dramatically.

IMO - this tactic has been used against us for too long. It's time for our MC and aftermarket manufacturers and retailers to start stepping up and helping to protect our land. I am especially resentful at the MC factories who should have been doing this long ago. If one of them did, the others would have to follow suit, and they would be protecting their industry's future sales. But noooooo, they think short term and will pay in the end if they continue their greedy ways.

Same thing goes for the dealers who sell quads (and bikes) to kids without instructing them on the importance of treading lightly. They know these ATV's will be used illegally and yet say nothing about it that could jeopardize a sale. We should all make sure our dealers are making an effort to promote responsible land use.

Enough is enough. Support those who support the BRC and other land access groups. Shun those who don't give back.

I just went and bought a new set of the Dunlop 756RR tires. I wanted to wait, but I was driving right by. I thought of the donation they made and ripped out the credit card.

By the way, the "RR" tires are really nice. After a days riding they show no more wear than normal. I am very pleased. RM is a great place to deal with.

:i was not aware of this closure this is a great ride i rode there last sunday and was planing to go again tomorrow five mile, soapstone,tibblefork are all great rides i hope we can keep on enjoying these places :)

Holy $hit, this kicks a$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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