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A newbie question for the 250

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Greetings to all and a happy new year.

Im Pan from Greece, and I m intrested on a XR 250 , in particular the one with the e-start, so the wife can ride it too.

Here in Greece you can find all sorts of XRs.

You got the XR250R -Kick start only

XR 250 Baja (grey Import) Kick and e start

XR 250, e start only

My question is ,if you can put a pumper carb to an e-start XR250.

I've been told that because of the space that is occupated by the e-start behind the motor there is no space left for any other carb besides the stock.

Is that true?

In a few words, Can you put a pumper carb on a e-start XR250???

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Could you upload some pics of how much clearance the stocker has around the starter?

From what I can sort-of remember, a FCR35 might have enough clearance, but I can't say positively. Other than that, a TM33-8012 might, but performance wise, they aren't as good as a FCR.

Another alternative is a CV carb like a BST33SS. The Mikuni's I've seen are bigger on top of the carb body for the CV assembly, but have roughly the same bowl size as the stocker.

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Thanks Kiffer.

I dont have pictures to show right now,because the truth is that I dont own the bike just yet.

Im just looking on How much I can mod it , cause this is going to be a criteria on which bike I m going to choose; the e-start XR or the TTR.

The truth is that if an FCR carb ,DOES fit the space, I will propably choose the red bike over the blue one ,besides the 43mm forks of the Yamaha.

Im a previous owner of a XR250R 97 model you see,which it was perfect. And I have already riden a TTR and didnt got too excited.

I just now need the e-start so the misus can have a bike to get around, she likes to ride too ,but couldnt kick start my 250 ,and I couldnt own 3 bikes.

(I also have a CBF 1000)

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