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lower pegs, moved back pegs

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On m crf I milled off the round on the bottom of thr peg the spring goes around. Machined some aluminim spacers and flipped the springs. The distance was .260 or about a quarter inch at 45 degrees so a whopping 1/8 down and 1/8 back believe it or not its noticeable. I'm 6ft 2 and I feel like I'm following behind this bike just hanging on my cog behind the bikes not leaning forwards and charging like I did when I was younger and smaller and my bike fit me. I think they need to move back some more.. I can make some new peg hangers I just don't know what the limit is. Does anyone know where Mr pastrana runs his pegs? System tech sells dropped hangers but they don't move them back for some reason. I think I need to be back and so does ny front heavy 09 what do you guys think?p

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