Clutch Recommendations

Hello all,

I am going to put in a new clutch and I'm looking for ya'lls experienced direction into where to buy, what brands work best, and any other tips you feel like passing on. Also I was looking in the service manual and under clutch disassembly it talks about removing basket and all. Is there a reason why I’d want to disassemble it down that far and not just the spring and plates?

I'm thinking;

a) New clutch plates

:) New, stiffer clutch springs

c) The extra plain clutch disc in the base of the basket as mentioned in SRC's tech bulletin ( ) Will I have one available from my plates I'm replacing?

d) If I have the extra cash at the time of purchase I'd also like SRC's Hydraulic clutch ( ) I rode with a fellow with a KTM that had one and it was extremely easy to pull and simple, It'd make my woods riding and clutching much easier on my forearm!

The autoclutches sound nice but I don’t think I am going to go that route just yet.

I look forward to reading ya'lls comments. Thank you


I don't have much experience with the different brands, but I'd probably be looking at OEM plates from a discount Honda dealer such as Service Honda ( or Ron Ayers Honda ( if it were my bike. I'd probably also look at Barnett Clutches as well at ( as I've had good luck with their stuff in the past on my other bikes.

I don't recall any reason to remove the clutch assembly to install new friciton discs & drive plates, but once you get the main nut off, the whole clutch pack comes right off if you want it to and its a fairly straight forward process. If you have a 2000 or 2001 XR650R, then consider updating the clutch bushing with the new style that was introduced in 2002 and get a new clutch lock nut as well.

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