2008 and older wheel on newer bike: Mission accomplished!

One ride on the clay track and a sand tire is ruined. Most of our local tracks are soft dirt but I like riding at our local hard pack track frequently so I change tires a lot. I bought a spare wheel quite a few years ago and used it to make it easy to go ride that one hard pack track. After getting my new bike I was really disappointed that they changed the axle size so that I had to start changing tires again. It hasn't taken long to get sick of changing tires.

Last week while preparing to change the back tire one more time I happened to notice that the rear axle is not a tight fit in the slot in the swingarm. I guess the engineers could have told us that the carriers with the adjusting notches keep the axle from actually contacting the swingarm. It makes sense as it keeps the slot from getting beat up.

It wasn't much of a leap to realize that the '08 wheel could be used with an '08 axle as long as the carriers are the correct size. I bought an axle on Ebay that came with the nut, spacers and carriers for less that $20. A quick check to make sure the wheel assembly had the same width dimensions as the new bike and I was ready to put old wheel on the new bike. The old adjusting carriers are about .03 too short to be a perfect fit but I was able to use some shim stock to make proper spacers. Everything bolted up right and the sprocket is aligned where it is supposed to be.

I put in an hour and a half at Hardrock (appropriately named) on Saturday with no issues and I found no problems when I disassembled it to put the original wheel back on.

I'm a happy camper now. :smirk:


cool! i was wondering if you could just put newer wheel bearings in the older hub? im thinking that the older hub/bearing diamater is smaller though. i havent had two right next to eachother before

Caveat emptor.

Sorry, but I'll be a bit more blunt and say, "Mickey Mouse".

The axle blocks were never intended to be "carriers", and the top edge of the swing arm cut out that the blocks would bear against was never intended to be a load bearing surface. You may say that the axle does not fit tightly in the slot, but the top of the slot is what the engineers intended to bear the weight of the bike. Yes, it might "work", and yes, you may get away with it on a limited basis, but when you get to a point where your swing arm slot is chewed up, and the wheel keeps coming loose, don't say I didn't warn you about it.

The thing is that I have seen this sort of thing done before, and it never, ever works out in the long run.

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