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Rekluse for 05 YZ450F (trails)

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Hi all,

I bought myself a 2005 YZ450F a few weeks back, awesome machine... love it, but, at the same time hate it because it can't currently do what I want to... :smirk:

Problem is this:

I wish to do trails riding on my property in the high country and well as I hope many of you know the 4 speed 05 450F sucks at it.

Just wants to stall all the time and first gear is far to high for my needs.

Now a few things, I have no need for top end speed, this doesn't bother me at all. (fact of the matter is I should have bought a WR but, got a bargain for this YZ).

I'm going to be doing some mods anyway...

11 tooth front.

11oz flywheel (suggestions?)

Puke tank.

Rekluse auto clutch.

(don't need any bash plates... yet :bonk: )

Now, for the Rekluse... which one should I get...?

The CoreEXP or zStart Pro??? (what are the differences???)

Also, anyone else have suggestions of any other trail mods for the bike...?

Thanks guys,


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Maybe a bigger fuel tank? Hand guards? Maybe a little work to soften up the suspension.

Steahly and Yamaha (in the GYT catalog, USA anyway) both have heavy flywheels.

Either Rekluse is a good choice. Have one on my wifes '07 WR250F and I like it enough I may get one for my WR450. Rekluse makes a very nice product.

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If you use a Rekluse, you won't need to regear the bike. Using an 11 tooth front cannot be recommended, as it will severely accelerate front sprocket wear, and is tough on chains and chain sliders. Besides, lowering the overall gearing affects top end much more than low speed operation. Simple math.

As to the differences between the Core EXP and the Z-Start Pro, the two use a different technology. The Core EXP gives you an extremely rugged race grade clutch, "normal" clutch feel when you operate the lever, and the ability to bump start if need be by doing a fairly simple readjustment (which must then be undone to restore normal auto clutch operation.

The Z-Start Pro can't be bump started at all, and has an oddly light clutch lever feel underway, together with a sort of "disconnected" feel at idle. This can be a very likeable thing late in a long race when you're tired, but then again, the more used to the clutch you become, the less you use the lever for anything.

An alternative is the less expensive EXP clutch, which a good solution for those not subjecting their bike to the continuous severe use a race bike suffers. It has the same operating characteristics as the Core EXP, but without all the expensive hardware.

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Thanks for the info guys.

Fuel tank and Guards are also on my list.

Guards more so...

For the money I saved buying this bike I could buy 2 CoreEXP's and still be better off! - So, maybe the Core is the way to go, I would like as strong a unit as possible, I am not the type to cheap out.

As for the gearing, yeah a 11t is not "recommended" but, it will definitely help the bike "tractor" on those tight steep hills. All I can do is see how it goes, if I don't like it I can change back, should only hurt the chain and guides at worst case scenario.

As for shocks..

The stock front seems fine, but, the arse is too firm...

My shock is wound about half way... but, it seems to have 2 or so inches of seat travel, then it just stops like it's on the bump... but, it isn't and has a long way till it...?


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