tools for fork oil change

Not really. It helps to have a thin wrench to get the fork cap off so you can remove the spring. I have a bicycle wrench that works well.

Now if you are going to change the fork seals, you will want a seal driver, mine was about $60.

Its really easy to do this work.

Is it necessary to remove the springs from the caps while changing the oil? I'm a newbie to cartridge forks. :)


you set the fork oil height with the springs out. Check your manual.


I just changed my springs, so I can give you a play by play way to do it. You'll want to loosen the fork caps before pulling the forks out of the triples (Make sure you loosen the top triple since it squeezes the top of the fork). Once those are cracked, have the bike on a center stand and loosen both caps all the way. Don't worry, just be in front of the bike while you are doing this. With both caps loosened, the forks will compress and expose the caps and spring/cartridge assemblies. This is where you have to pull the caps off from the cartridges to get the fork springs out. You have to do this to change the oil, since you want the springs fully compressed to check the oil level. -- Between the top of the spring and the cap is a 17mm nut that you have to be able to hold so you can crack the 19mm cap bolt loose from it. I was able to get a 17mm open ended wrench in there by pulling down on the spring a little bit, so it may take some finessing. The correct tool is a 17mm spanner wrench that is nice and thin, but you can get a 17mm open ended wrench in there. I have those gear wrenches, so they are a little thinner than Craftsman. Once you have that held, crack the cap bolt loose and spin the cap off. do this for both sides. Take the springs out, using a clean rag to wipe the oil that comes out with them. Then, take the forks out of your triple and do the oil like the manual says. Reverse to put them back together and you are there. Good luck. :)

Thanks for the excellent play by play! My wrenches are all craftsman so I may get some spanner wrenches so that there's no question about fit once I have it in pieces. If I Have the bike as long as I hope to then I'm sure I'll be doing this many more times in the future anyway. :)


Yea, I tried the Craftsman and it was just a little too thick for the job. Not sure if it was my lack of patients or what, but I just reached for what I knew to be the thinner wrench. Good luck Sir. I have to get a set of those spanner wrenches myself. :)

Just a side not SIR, but the spanner wrench will be inserted in between the last ring and the second to last ring on the fork spring. I know I said that you have to pull it down a little, this is to separate the cap protector from the spring so you can get to it. :)

Are there any special tools required to change the fork oil (to disassemble any internal parts of the fork)?

Thanks again. Now all I have to do is FIND the spanner wrenches. :)

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