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Bike for an 11 year old daughter

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Looking to get my daughter a bike for her. She has ridden a TTR-90 and a TTR-110 and they fit her pretty well. She was easily flat footed (which I want). I'm looking for the following pre-requisits:

cheap (under a grand for a used one)

MUST have electric and kick start (I know, if she can't kick it, she shouldn't ride it...I want her to enjoy riding and she doesn't like to kick a bike, but want the kick to make sure we always make it back)

not too tall (she's 4'8" tall, with 26" inseam)

Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks

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get her some quality rider protection is my advice

cheap bike but good quality helmet , body armor , boots ect

have you checked craigslist ?

have a look for a used CRF

Already have everything for her. The girls aren't allowed to ride without their gear on. Does the CRF have an e-start?

The TTR 125 small wheel is tailor made for her.

Is there a model number that is different between the big and small wheel?

Edit: Do they all come with a clutch? If so, I might be going another direction for about a year. I have two younger daughters that could ride a smaller bike later on and I could pass it on later and get a 125 next year.

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