02 WR426 shock spring help/adjustment

Before I buy a stronger rear spring, just want to make sure I have to.

02 WR426

stock rear shock spring (5.0 rate)

spring length = 9.75 (adj to 9.47 or about 0.25")

my weight = 210 (225/gear)

race sag = 114.3mm (4.5")

static sag = 36.5mm (1.5")

Do I have any hope of adjusting this to at least a 100mm race sag?

If I have to replace the spring, if you unscrew the adjustments all the way, will the spring become removable by hand, or do I need a special tool.

Is 14mm really too much sag if I'm mostly ride on the MX track (jumps and woops)

I appreciate you comments

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