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XR400 Supermoto project

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Last year I picked up a 1997 XR400 for a screaming deal. I also traded a stock front rotor for a beat up Aloop kit that our local dealer had off of a trade in bike. So far I have machined some Katana 600 wheels for it and started replacing the body parts that are bad. So far I have less than 800.00 into the whole project. I plan on adding a pumper carb, 10.5:1 piston, and stage 1 or 2 camshaft to it before I get it on the road. Also I have no Idea how many hours are on this bike, is there any must do maintenace I should do other than adjust the valves? It seems to run great, starts in 1-2 kicks and has no stumbles anywhere. Here is the only picture I have of it right now (I'm stuck in Kuwait..blah) Thanks for the help



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When you pull it apart it wouldnt hurt to take a good look at the head and maybe throw some new seals etc in it. other then that if it runs good you should be good to go.

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Front Wheel Fitment

17x42x13mm bearing X2. suzuki PN at local store 09262-17034. Bike bandit number is 1027874 (471490-001). (dont try to get the allballs one..its no longer made.

Stock katana bearing spacer needs the ID to be drilled out to 17mm (stock is 15mm ID)

The brake rotor side of the wheel needs a spacer that is 0.73"

The Right side needs a 1.0" spacer made.

The inside of the caliper bracket will need to machined down around 1/8" just like the rear one below. Mount up the front wheel without doing this and the spacers/loop things on the rotor hit/rub(I dont know what they are...they just hit).

Caliper relocation bracket is made but not on yet and I don't get home for another few months.


Things that need modified.

Cushdrive needs milled down. (A massive amount)

Brake Rotor needs turned down to the same O.D. as the XR

Spacers need to be made.

Caliper bracket needs to be machined/ground down

JT Rear Steel Sprocket 39 Tooth - 1999 Suzuki GS500/E

Below is the link to my write up, it is not complete yet and in no way would take the measurements for the rear wheel as perfect. I was not done with the rear yet when I had to go to Iraq, so it is not completed yet. I also machined a bearing holder to go into the rear wheel because I could not find the correct bearing size O.D. I will post up pictures up of all of it when I get home ASAP. I hope this helps a little bit with the project. Also running a 2000 GSXR 600 rotor on the front will make it easier to make a relocation bracket as it moves the rotor closer to the wheel.


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