front brakes

Has anyone experienced bad front brake fade? I've got a 99 YZ400 with a couple years of desert racing in Arizona on it, as well as some hard trail riding in Colorado. I'm a maintenance freak, but sometimes overlook the brake pads. Last summer I replaced the stock pads with EBC. Well the EBD pads ended up actually chipping apart a little where they touch the discs. I do ride hard and get the brakes hot enough that they will boil off water if you spray them. I recently scuffed the discs with 320 grit and put Honda (yes I know what you're thinking) CR250 pads on. Good advice from a friend led me to that and they are indeed better. I've thoroughly bled the system many times but still can't get the good clean response I want from the front brake. Anyone experienced this? I keep thinking the calipers are going bad but all the mechanics I've talked to said that wouldn't happen. I'm considering an aftermarket straight brake line as well.



It wouldn't hurt to go to a Fastline Honda style hose, but it sounds like bleeding the system would help a lot right now.


Many calipers trap air behind the pucks that does not clear when you open the bleed valve. In fact, opening the bleed valve simply pulls oil from the tube coming in, and often does not purge the bad oil residing in the caliper.

The trick is to push back all four pucks until they are fully seated into the caliper. Sometimes you have to pull the pads to do this since seating the pads does not fully seat the pucks. This will shove all bad oil and air out of the caliper and into the line.

Then attempt to bleed the system without moving the pucks. Make a holding tool if necessary.

Then be very cautious to not run out of fluid when you bring the system back into play.

Your end result should be a very solid lever feel and a 100% flushed system.


Nice Post Dave, I never thought of pushing the Pistons all the way in and holding them there while bleeding.

Thanks Dave that's a great idea. I've bled them many times but it didn't seem to help but I will fully compress the calipers next. Yes I think I will get the aftermarket brake line too. Go fast bikes need stop fast brakes.... :)


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