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DRZ400 JD needle setup

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- 2010 DRZ400sm

- 3x3

- K&N

- Stock exhaust

- Stock fuel screw

- Stock Carb

- Sea Level

- I live In Sydney Australia which is reasonably hot/humid, average summer temps of 15-30C.

- I have the JD kit. 155 Main. 25 Pilot. (stock fuel screw, 2.5 turns out)

I have tried 2 set-ups so far:

Red Needle 3rd Clip

Tried this first and it seemed to have lost some low range torque, yet gained some power up top. When the engine struggled to find low range power the exhaust seemed considerably louder than normal. No backfiring, and none of that rumbling noise when running off the throttle.

Blue Needle 3rd Clip

Similar to Red needle, only difference being less power down low. Exhaust note was also considerably louder when the engine lacked power. No backfiring, but there was some rumbling noise when running off the throttle (the exhaust sounded more normal). I could screw the fuel mixture screw all the way in without the bike stalling.

So I'm somewhat stuck on what to try next... I'm thinking the Red because of the warmer climate, and on the 4th or 5th setting to richen up the lower end..


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Thank for the suggestion. I gave it a go and this is what I found:

- Felt similar to the last setup, Less torque at low revs, and slightly less up top

- The bike would occasionally stall at low revs

- I could screw the fuel mixture screw into half a tun until the bike would constantly stall

Should the exhaust note sound much different to stock, because at low revs it still seems to be louder?\

I might try red 4, 25 pilot tomorrrow

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