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XL with 40000 miles

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Hi !

I want to buy a 1986 XL125r - it looks like it is in good condition (original), but it has 40000 miles.

Since I do not have any experiences with this machines I would like to ask if this is too much for this engine.

How many miles do you have?

What defect are most comon and what should I look for before I make a purchase?


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What will you use it for? Will you carry a passenger? Other gear? How fast will you ride? On what kind of terrain? (hilly? Flat?) How much do you weigh??

WHile I"ve heard of 100,000 mile XR/XL's I've never seen one or pics of 1.

That's a LOT of miles for a small displacment bike considering they are usually having their necks wrung constantly to keep up.

It would almost certainly need to be rebuilt and parts may or may not be readily available.

Is it hilly there? If so that little bike has worked hard it's whole life.

Unless there simply aren't many choices to be had there, I would be hesitant to buy that without immediately rebuilding the motor.

The suspension was bad when new, so it's not likely to have gotten better. :smirk:

From 84-86 Honda used the early RFVH and had major problems with burning up heads. What years varies from bike to bike. If it falls into that group I would RUN away from it. :bonk:

Parts for these older bikes are getting expensive. I've got over $1,000(US) in rebuilding the motor in my 85 XR350. Cranks are almost impossilbe to find but can be rebuilt at great cost ($400+ here in US)

The only way this likely makes sense is if you have some attatchment to that particular motorcycle and just have to have it.

If not, buy something with less miles (10,000 or less ideally) even if you have to pay more up front for it.

And look for more displacment (size of motor) if you are a bigger guy, ride in hilly areas, carry a passenger, etc etc

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Thank you very much for comprehensive answer.

There are a lot of hills here and it is very likely that the bike had worker hard for all its life.

The bike is going to be used by my father in law mainly light offroad.

Considering all I think I will pass this bike and look for something with less miles.

Thanx once again for your input

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