mag wheels for street riding

'evening gentlemen. :confused:I would like to know if it si possible to install wheels and tires from a street bike such as cbr or ninja on my brp without too much hassle. What is the best choice and the easiest to fit on the bike. I would rather have mag wheels instead of spokes to make the pig a supermotard. What do you guys think???

I've seen it done - I know some boy's down in Tennessee that like to run that way. I have personally witnessed a CR500 swingarm pried apart :) with a hydraulic jack to make room for a FZR400 rim.

The best way to work this out is to measure overall width available at your swingarm, distance over for the chain, centerline of the tire and brake disc. You can shim the wheel to take care of the tire location and shim out the sprocket. The disc location will be dealt with shimming the disc and/or relocating the caliper. Axle size is dealt with by swapping out the wheel bearings.

This may seem like a big hassle but the availability of cheap sportbike rims and the ability to run tubeless tires makes sense to me.

One thing I have noticed is how cheap sportbike swingarms are. On Ebay I see entire rear suspensions, (From the pivot bolt to the tire), for $500. :D

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