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Annondizing Stock Wheels

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Has anyone ever done it?

My local anno people would charge $50 per wheel. I'm not sure if I should do this or just buy new ones for $110 or so.

Also, I'd like to anno the hubs. Can they be annondized or are they cast?

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you better powdercoat your hubs for a metallic finish,

but they will never look like Talon hubs, somewhat darker to that

you can't go wrong by anodizing your rims,

it is the same finish that excel, d.i.d and others use

its just not that fancy.. lol

the difference is that those brands use a stronger

material for the rim, so it doesnt crack or bend easy,

but if youre not a SX or FMX pro i'd say you dont need that

I have been in the same situation as you are, still am actually,

but if I do it I'll anodize them, save a few bucks,

but I'm not sure if its really that worth it, just for the looks.. ?

You may want to invest on something else, power or handling

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The stock rims are garbage and the spokes are no better. It's going to cost you some money, but the best thing to do is have the stock hubs powdercoated and replace the rims and spokes with a better quality parts.

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