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Freak Oil Leak Question...

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Hi everyone... New here and thought I could get some feedback on a question I have.

Got a 2000 xr70 with the 88 kit last week for my son for Christmas...

After riding it home Christmas Eve, no problems. After riding it Christmas day for about 30 minutes, I parked it in the garage. A couple hours later I noticed a puddle of oil under the kickstand. About the size of a grapefruit.

I determined it was coming from the fronst sprocket. MAYBE? I have no idea... It WASN'T coming from the drain plug underneath.

Changed the oil, (and accidentally opened the cam chain tensioner at the same time, everything went back in normally there). Oil came out both holes. Put FRESH 10w-30 in. Rode it around, size of oil spot on the garage floor is about the size of a dime.


Any ideas or suggestions?

THANKS in advance! Have a great day!

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Well, I'm just throwing out a few guesses here. With that 88cc kit, is the crankcase breather still hooked up so that the fumes get sucked into the carb and burned or are the fumes condensing and causing this? I would suspect that you wouldn't necessarily have a puddle, but I can't say I've ever run without the breather connected.

Also, make sure that the crankcase is able to breath. If the breather is plugged, pressure inside the crankcase will build up and push oil past the seals.

Did the bike sit a while perhaps? Sometimes seals get a little bit hard over time. It sounds like the problem got better with use and the oil change. Maybe it will get better with continued use. My friend bought a Cadillac XLR that was 5 years old with only 4500 miles on it. The rear main seal leaked a lot at first, but once he started driving it regularly, no more leaks. Dynamic seals (such as on the sprocket shaft) seal well when there is movement, but have a harder time sealing under static conditions. The opposite is true of static seals. Maybe the cure is to ride it more and see what happens, but keep close watch on the level.

Good luck.

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