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chain guide/roller question

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Tried searching but not having much luck.

I've got a 04 450r that I picked up the Ironman sprockets and chain for recently. I'm looking at the bike thinking the chain rub pad on the swing arm and the lower guide at the sprocket need changed as they appear to be original and in pretty rough shape. I'm finding several vendors that make the parts but the prices seem to rival the sprockets and chain for aftermarket parts. What are you guys doing for these parts?

And a seperate question about the support roller thats under the swingarm to guide the chain off the front sprocket. I've looked on motosport and some other vendors and they show 3-4 different ones in the parts diagrams but don't specify what the differences are that I can find. What am I missing? Are they different in some way for different rear sprockets?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Those upper and lower chain rollers are weird deal. You dont want a solid roller on the bottom. Its ok on the top, but the bottom will make so much noise you'll think something is wrong with the bike.

If you can find a good deal on the OEM rollers, at least the lower one, go that way. Those little slots in it are cushions and they're directional too. The roller will eat itself if you put it on there backwards, but the OEM roller is a better roller if you asked me.

I run the Acerbis rub plate on the swing arm. Its cheap and its way tougher than the OEM one and its cheaper than most of the others.

The ZipTy stuff is nice, its noisy but you wont ever have to replace it, but you gotta lay out some decent cheddar on them too. I get a good deal on them and I still dont, but you can take that for what its worth.

Some of those rollers dont have a bearing in them, some dont even have a bushing. They just run the roller right on the bolt in the plastic. Not a long term part...

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