Apollo 250cc???

Worth messing with?

I read a thread(cant find it now) that they arent worth it.Found a new one for $995obo,but dont want to waste my time and $$$ on a POS.


Other bikes im looking at are xr200/250 and ttr225/230,but really hate the setup/ergos of them.

I know xrs last forever,my '76 xr75 is probably out there somewhere still kicking.

I'm thinking of maintanence and just all around reliability.

My SSR pit w/ Lifan is awsome now I have it dialed in,so china isnt that big of deal to me,just dont want it to fall apart after 3 rides like my first no-name china pit.


The chinese bikes aren't nearly as bad as everyone says they are. Take note that most people who say they are junk fall into 2 distinct categories.

1. People who've never owned one but knew a guy who knew a guy who had one and it was junk, just because.(that guy likely fell into category 2 below)

2. People who know absolutely nothing about motorcycles, pull it out of the box, run the crap out of it w/o any maint and then bitch when it stops running.

I'd low ball them a bit and see if it could be had for less. Not many people will be banging down their door to buy it, because of the above 2 reasons.

WHen you get it give it a complete run through. Dump all the fluids (oil, gas, any gas in the carb, fork oil, brake fluid etc) and put fresh in. Double check all bolts and replace any that look suspect. You'll almost be guaranteed that the carb will need some tuning to get it to run right, as well as the clutch cable. Once you go through it the first time, the so called "junk'ness" of it will be miraculously gone.

I kindof doubt that the ergonomics of that bike are going to be as good as a yamaha or hondas just based on the awkward looks of the chinese bikes and the fact that they cost less than 1k brand new. Also, if you notice all of the threads in the chinese forums are for people who have major malfunctions on their bikes. Those bikes have a terrible reputation of being fat, ugly, slow, and unreliable. and I would rather buy a ratted out kx 85. A ratted out kx85 will be better set up for you than that bike which probably has 4 inches of front suspension and makes less power than the 85. Not to mention those bikes weigh about 6,999 lbs and cant take a landing from more than 3 feet high without the brake caliper knocking the muffler off and the frame stretching a few centimeters. But hey, at least it looks like shit and breaks down every time you try to do a wheelie off a curb..

Chinese bikes are everywhere down here and people use the piss out them in horrible conditions. Considering a used xr650r like I would like to have, what I rode and raced in San Diego ca, cost upwards of 6k, I will be buying a Chinese bike. It's funny though because when I buy new Hondas I have to instantly change the oil, grease the pivots, tune the carb, do mods to make it run right, weld a bracket to the right side foot peg(650), reroute all the cables and wires and then run it and change the oil a couple times to get any machining debris out... Sounds about the same except the Chinese bike comes with 2 free helmets and a really crappy owners manual!


I ride a honda crf450x and it requires a lot of maintenance... I heard rumours that these chinese bikes have old honda engines in them??? is that true? If i could get my hands on an old xr 400 or 650 with a chinese name brand i'd be set...

I cant and never will ride my crf450x to its full potential an xr 400 would have been perfect for me... IMOP they got ride of these bikes because they ran to well!

Nothing theses days are built bullet proof... that wouldn't help the economy would it???????? Don't even get me started on the diesel trucks of today... lol

if you guys could recommend a specific chinese brand name you have tried and liked please let me know...

I have 2012 Apollo 250RX. I bought it new and it does not give me problems. For a starter bike for me it was the best thing.  I'm  never gonna race and all I ride is trails its perfect. Only thing is I blew out the front fork seals tried to replace them but they are still bottoming out. But engine and transmission still kicks ass. Parts are cheap enough to just replace.

At that price and brand new, just buy it and ask questions later. 

Planetminis has a sticky in the Chinese section about how to properly assemble, and set up and maintain Chinese pits, follow that same formula for this machine and you should be alright.  The engine is a "CG" style, a clone of an old Honda design, and very well known and supported outside North America. It's sort of like an XR 200 engine, except it has push rods.

There are also a few threads on the Apollo 250 over on Chinariders.net   . It seems that a real mikuni carb and adding a front sprocket with more teeth are popular mods.

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