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Hey all, new guy just checkin' in and sayin' 'hi'.

I recently bought an '01 XR250. I'm a street/track rider on my SV650 and R6, but thus far my only dirt experience is when I run off the track. :smirk:

I have friends who ride dirt, and there is a lot of good riding near me, so I wanted to get into it. When a friend offered me a good deal on his XR I couldn't pass it up.

When I took ownership, the left fork seal leaked and it needed a new rear tire. So, I'll mount some new rubber and service all the boingers (I don't think it's ever been done anyway). While it's on the stand I'll replace the brake fluid and give the chain a good clean/lube, give it a general clean/inspection then I'll be ready to go! (except for the small fact that I have no gear yet)

Anyway, the point of this thread to say thanks, TT. This forum is a great resource. I've been lurking for the last week reading as much as I can and I have learned A TON about my newest money pit, er I mean, hobby.

Pics of the bike in it's current state below, because I know how we all love pictures. :bonk:


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Awesome.y bike is in just about the same shape. Got it apart to do the fork seals, carb rebuild, etc. I have zero dirt experience but had a blast ripping around town on it this summer. Good luck with it

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