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Good websites for finding used bikes.

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Hi guys I am looking for a used off road bike. I live in Canada and I am trying to find a good site to find used bikes in the states. Thanks.

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ADVrider is one of the best places to find really blinged out bikes at a good price. You do have to weed through all of the adv.bikes and others but you can score some awesome MX/XC bikes on there from time to time if you look regularly. If KTM's are in your focus, KTMtalk is a really good place to watch for good deals.

Craigslist is always a good place as stated but to be honest, it seems that the thumpertalk classifieds are the place to find overly priced bikes in a lot of cases. Now I'm not knocking my fellow members on here but I'm simply saying they are VERY proud of their for sale bikes when it comes to pricing.

Hope this helps.:smirk:

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