Work to ride, ride to get far away from work

I work on an Army Post at fort Huachuca AZ in the South East corner of the state. I had a house built backed up against the old bombing range that has a 50 mile desert trail / wash area that I can just jump on the old WR450F and unwind after a days work. I try to get in at least one lunch time ride during the week up in the Huachuca Mountains, people at work think I’m crazy and our maintenance supervisor always makes a point to keep a close eye on when I take off, what canyon / trail I’m going to be on, and when I expect to be back. Not only does this area have year round ridding but, It’s all legal as long as you stay on the trails. We have a nice private MX track (NOMADS) with a two-mile desert loop, ¼ mile sand wash, and an oval flat track. The only disadvantage to ridding in this area is we are so close to Mexico we have illegal aliens all over the place. I’ve almost landed in the middle of about fifteen of them a couple of times coming up over a rise in the trail, lucky for all involved they seem to scatter in just the nick of time before I become a hood ornament on a UDA’s grill. Yuma / Glamis is about 5 hours away and Ft. Bowie hot well dunes is about 45 min away. The temp is close to inland So Cal. 15-20 degrees cooler than Phoenix and 5-10 degrees cooler then Tucson. If all this isn’t good enough, we don’t have any emissions testing here.


Heaven on earth.... :)

With the amount of time spent riding I guess you have no significant other though :D!! Or soon won't! :D

Next time you are out spare a thought for those of us with a ball and chain :D

Rub it in... :)

And our GOOD riding season is just STARTING :)......

I'm stuck in Tucson, but work 2:30pm- 11pm, so I get my weekday riding in the mornings, or at night after work. The moonlight rides are lots of fun, get to see lots of coyotes.

We'll have to get together for a ride or 2....

Rich Baker

After reading this post today I realized the Undocumented Aliens (UDA) problem I spoke of might have been misunderstood. Let me qualify my statement by explaining that I, by no way I’m a racist or bigot. I was just trying to convey the safety issue of running the open desert trails WFO and come up on any obstacle is a hair raising experience. It just so happens that UDAs frequent the same real-estate that I do, on a trail as far as we can get away from population. I wouldn’t like any group of people, cows, or anything else that jeopardized my safety out on the trail. I do enough of that myself by always trying to find that elusive line between safety and disaster.

Notes to fellow TTers:


I do love my little spot in the world but I spent five years in Karlsure, Germany and I have to say you live at heaven on earth if you snowboard or ski. I did so much snow boarding during my time I only dreamt of riding a dirt bike every blue moon. BTW I do have a very cool significant other that likes to follow me around in the sand rail I built her for that purpose. “The family that plays together stays together”.


Sorry about that but all you have to do is move. We have plenty of new homes going up all the time, and if you have, or can be granted a security clearance you got a job on Ft Huachuca.


Sounds great for the weekend ride, do you ever go to Ft. Bowie hot well dunes?

We are planning a trip down to Mexico in December for a little 100-mile race.

PM me for details on getting together for that ride or 2.

Later and keep it on two, or at least one most of the time.


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